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The 5-Minute Prayer Plan for When Life Is Overwhelming

The 5-Minute Prayer Plan for When Life Is Overwhelming

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5 minutes to a dynamic, focused, powerful time of prayer! Many Christians yearn for a dynamic prayer life, but we often get stuck in a repetitive routine of prayer, praying for the same things, people, and situations—sometimes even with the same words. This practical and inspirational guide will give you new ways to pray when life feels overwhelming with 90 focused 5-minute prayer plans for your daily quiet time. These prayer plans explore a variety of life themes such as health, finances, relationships, parenthood, and job stress.

Each entry includes: Minute 1: A scripture to meditate on Minutes 2–3: Specific prayer points and questions to consider as you enter a time of prayer Minutes 4–5: A jump-starter prayer to springboard you into a time of conversation with God

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