About Lena Jane

boutique owner

Lena Jane Clothing Co. is owned by Ali Kenon. She is married to Matt with three children. She started this company in hopes of providing an extra income for my family, all while creating a community of like minded, loving women but it's turned into so much more. 

Lena Jane Clothing Co. not only offers stylish and versatile trends for the woman on the go but now carries antiques, handmade products, body care, & so much more.

If you're wanting to know where the name "Lena Jane" came from: Ali's paternal grandmother was Lois Lena and Jane is hers, her mom's, and daughter's middle name.

If you need assistance, please email us at info@lenajaneclothingco.com or send us a message on Facebook on our page: www.facebook.com/shoplenajane.