What am I good at? Planning. Meal Planning.

What am I good at? Planning. Meal Planning.

This is definitely outside of of our normal boutique topics but I have gotten a lot of messages about my monthly meal planning.

If you know me, you know I am a planner so this just another thing I do to stay ahead and eliminate the whole "what's for dinner?" question we as moms and wives always get. Also, this CAN save you a ton of money. It has for us. I'm just going to teach you my way of monthly meal planning.

First, you are going to print a calendar off or use an undated calendar like we have here.

meal planning calendar

When planning your meals, first, look at your social calendar and put down any days you know you're going to eat out or mark out days you don't need meals. Next, fill in days you will need to do quick meals. During sports, I always do the easiest meals on practice/game days. Also, we always have family dinners on Wednesday's so I ask my MIL what she wants to eat those days. Sunday's we always grill out, so I ask my husband what he wants to grill. You can also check your pantry/freezer to plan around what you already have instead of buying new items. 

march meal planning calendar

I've had the most questions about the actual weekly grocery shopping. Usually on the weekend, I sit down and write down everything I need for the recipes. Even if I think I already have it, I write it down. Once I have a list together, I then go through my pantry and refrigerator to see what I already have and mark it off. Add anything you might need to the list for snacks, breakfast, and in between and you are good to go.

This has saved me so much time, hassle, and money. Instead of wandering around the grocery store not knowing what I am buying and buying too much (then just ordering pizza because I forgot what I am supposed to cook), I know what I am getting and that's it. If you have any questions, let me know.

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