Owning a Business is Hard

Owning a Business is Hard

It has been a very good while since I wrote a blog post. Well over a year, since I had just written about open our Tanger store. Let's go back to the beginning of that.


February 2021: I leased a new storefront in our local outdoor outlet mall. It was a big move, really big. Scary but exciting. We opened March 22, 2021. I expected summer to be slower since J months are usually slow in retail but it was booming. Fall and Winter were pretty good as well since it was a busy outlet mall right on the interstate.


Fast forward to 2022 and things started going downhill. Employees came and went. We couldn't stay staffed properly. Inflation. I don't feel like I have to elaborate much on that one. Gas prices went up. Grocery prices went up. People don't want to spend money on clothes when they have to pay double for everything else. We still had rent to pay, payroll to make, etc. It was time for us to move on.

I don't know if anyone will ever read these but it is therapeutic for me to write these out. Usually it's excitement when I write but today it's filled with a little sadness, defeat, and worry. 

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