First Set of Renovations & First Pop-up Shop

First Set of Renovations & First Pop-up Shop

We got the new trailer home and cleaned her up. She looked so much better even after just a little bath. We also went ahead and purchased 4 new tires because the old ones looked like they were about to blow. I am really surprised my step dad made it home on the ones that were on it.

mobile boutique

We then painted the inside nose because it was a God awful seafoam color. We changed the curtains out and gave it a good cleaning. Thank the Good Lord it has an air conditioning unit in it so when you're in there shopping and trying clothes on, you have a nice little breeze coming in.

mobile boutique trailer  mobile boutique trailer

After everything had dried and been put up, I went ahead and started tagging and loading merchandise up. Thankfully half of our items were already tagged from the last pop-up we attended so I was able to go ahead and put them in the trailer.

Mobile boutique trailer renovation

We planned the first pop-up shop at my mom's house just as trial run sort of thing to make sure everything worked okay and looked good. I still have a few things I want to do to make it more personal to Lena Jane but nothing major. It went great. Everything looked great! I already have about 6 events planned throughout the remainder of the year. I cannot wait to get out there! Stay tuned for the next installment! <3

mobile boutique trailer renovation pop up shop

 We have THREE of this top I'm wearing left in small and medium! Search "Madly in Love Top" above.


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