What has Lena Jane's Traveling Boutique been up to? Oct-Nov 2019

What has Lena Jane's Traveling Boutique been up to? Oct-Nov 2019

I'm going to combine my last few weeks into one post because well, LIFE. I do have pictures from every event, I think, so I'll include those. The fourth quarter with retail is always the busiest. I know this isn't much to read but it's kind of for me as well to remember all of these wonderful events!



October 12: First off, we did a home wine tasting party, which was a ball. We do offer hostess rewards if you host us at your home or private event. It was a friend of a friend that I was invited by and they were so warm and welcoming!


October 26: Next up was our hometown Fall Festival which ended up being the best sales day we've ever had up to that point. It was so easy for our shoppers to come in and try on with our trailer there.


November 2: Lena Jane's next event was The Painted Nest's Christmas Open House. We didn't take our trailer to this one but we got to set up on Amanda's back porch and it was so much fun! I always have a blast connecting with Amanda and Amy.


On November 9, Caring for a Cause was nice enough to let us come to their Baseball Tournament benefiting children with cancer. For this event, we were able to donate $100 to the cause. It was such an awesome turnout. It was fun, but cold.


We'll start our next blog post with Black Friday and Small Business Saturday since those probably deserve an entire post on their own. lol.

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