End of 2022 Recap

End of 2022 Recap

It's almost been an entire year since we closed our store at Tanger. 

Personally, I (Ali) had a baby, have been through lots of emotions with the business, vacationed, spent time with family, relaxed, and much much more. The store closing was the biggest blessing in disguise for my personal life. Instead of stressing myself, I got to stay home with my new baby and watch her grow. I know God did all of this for that reason.

Kenon family picture

As for the business, I really wasn't sure Lena Jane would make it through 2022. Even though we were supposed to be opening another storefront, I thought we would have to close it's "doors" permanently. Here we are though, February of 2023, and we are still chugging along. It has not been easy but we are waiting on our storefront to be completed from beautiful renovations. 

We were able to attend a couple festivals at the end of the year and tell all of our amazing customers about our soon to be storefront. My ex-employee turned friend, Jorden, was such a blessing and helped out with both festivals.

mobile boutique festival

After months of waiting, we confirmed the plans of the storefront with the building owner. They finally started working on it at the end of the year. I will share a sneak peek but will do a full post on it once it is officially finished. 

storefront renovation

2022 may have not been what I thought it was going to be but it ended up so much better. Life has a weird way of throwing you curve balls but isn't that the point? God always has a plan and it will never be your plan or what you think you life will look like. That's the glory of it all. Here's to 2023!

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